Professional scottish cats cattery
Professional cattery «Simba Iceberg» was founded in a European country — Ukraine, in the city of a million roses — Donetsk.
In July 2014 the cattery changed its territorial location. Now we are in the capital of Ukraine - in the hero-city Kiev.
Cattery is officially registered in the World Federation of Cat lovers (WCF), Essen, Germany.

Developing Felinological activities in the country (the creation of clubs and catterys, international exhibitions, cooperation of local breeders with the best catteries in the world) promotes the formation of Ukraine on the global feline level.
The goal of our cattery is to breed a certain type of Scottish cats color-point color. As well as every cattery, we strive to create a unique image ( the «recognizable face of cattery»).
All of our animals — carefully chosen breeding pairs. We do not have «unplanned litters.»
The breeding program of our cattery is supervised by two certified instructor-felinologist.
All cats, regardless of the purpose of buying, selling only with the documentы.
We are very careful about our pets health. All cats are vaccinated annually. Cattery has a veterinarian, that is ready to come at any moment, if we need it.