• Scottish Fold boy for sale with breeding rights and for shows!

    It was a difficult decision for us, but we decided to find a new home for our gorgeous SimbaIceberg Grant.
    Grant is a very affectionate cat, he loves attention and care. He purrs very loudly :)
    He is very intelligent, inquisitive, and is loyal to his family.
    Sometimes he sits up like prairie dog to have a look around when he hears something :)
    This breed gets along well with both children and, once properly introduced, other family pets as well.

    We are looking for only the best owner (we give preference to professional breeders, for breeding and for exhibitions,
    but we will consider all applications), so write us a little about yourself and why Grant should become part of your family :)

    More details:
    Name: SimbaIceberg Grant
    Sex: male (1.0)
    Date of birth: April 05, 2016 (1 year 3 months old)
    Breed: Scottish Fold Shorthair (SFS)
    Color: blue point (a 33)
    Price: expensive, more about the price and other sale conditions on request http://www.simba-iceberg.com/en/kittens

    His head is well rounded with a firm chin and jaw. Muzzle has well rounded whisker pads.
    Short neck. Prominent cheeks with a jowly appearance :)
    His eyes are wide open with a sweet expression. Large, well rounded, and separated by a broad nose.
    He has small ears that are fold forward and downward.
    He is a big boy (6.3 kg). His coat is short and plush. Soft in texture.
    Standing away from body due to density, not flat or close lying. He looks like a cloud :)

    Health & genetics:
    FIV (immunodeficiency), FeLV (leukemia), PKD (polycystic kidney disease) negative parents.
    Possible chololate gene carrier.
    He has a full set of vaccinations against rabies of cats, feline panleukopenia, herpesviral and caliciviral infection with
    US and EU-certified vaccines (Bioveta Biofel PCH & Bioveta Biofel PCHR).
    It also has regular ecto- and endoparasitic treatment (Bayer Advocate, Bayer Advantage, Bayer Profender, Bayer Drontal).
    Father’s blood type – A. Mother’s blood type – AB.

    – contract;
    – international veterinary passport with marks about chipping and vaccinations;
    – veterinary certificate (certificate form №1);
    – international veterinary certificate;
    – customs certificate;
    – TICA transfer of ownership signed by breeder;
    – cat’s registration documents;
    – accompanying documents of the transport company (in case if delivery is carried out by CARGO KLM).

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! :)

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