• Our plans — Future kittens

    Plans of Scottish cats cattery «Simba Iceberg». 2012 year

    If you would like have the Scottish kitten from our cattery, please call us, write us an e-mail or use this form.

    Pair №1

    Estimated Date of Birth: december 2012 

    Father: Int.Ch. Simba Iceberg (SFS71 a 33)

    Mother: Ch. Rosabel (SFS c 33)

    Simba Iceberg – www.Simba-Iceberg.com

    Rosabel ( c 33 ) шотландская вислоухая , скоттиш-фолд , лиловый колор пойнт, лилак поинт, лайлак поинт, кошка — www.Simba-Iceberg.com (2)

    Possible colors of kittens:

     Color-point colors:

    • blue point (а 33)

    • lilac point (с 33)

    All kittens are carriers of chocolate (» b’ «) and the gene of dilution («D»).

    Pair №2

    Estimated Date of Birth:  the end of 2012 – the beginning of 2013

    Father: Int.Ch. Simba Iceberg (SFS71 a 33)

    Mother: Ch. Paula (SFS bs 21 33)

    Simba Iceberg – www.Simba-Iceberg.com

    Paula _scottish fold_chocolate silver lynx point_color point_foto_3

    Possible colors of kittens:

      Color point colors, including color point varieties with silver and varieties with tabby.

    • black (n 33 and ns 33, n 21 33 and ns 21 33)

    • blue (а 33 and as 33, а 21 33 and as 21 33)

    • chocolate (b 33 and bs 33, b 21 33 and bs 21 33)

    • lilac (с 33 and cs 33, с 21 33 and cs 21 33)

    All kittens are carriers of chocolate (» b’ «), a tabby gene («T»), a silver gene («I») and the gene of dilution («D»).

    Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens from previous litters, photos, videos you can see in «Children of Simba Iceberg».
    To purchase the kittens write the feedback form here → (Russian language, Ukrainian, English) or call (Russian, Ukrainian). Answer all your questions.

    The price of animals — Negotiable, depending on the animal’s age, class, ears, acquisition.
    Possible delivery of animals to other regions of Ukraine and abroad.

    !  Submitting an application for a kitten from a future litter, in which you enter all the desired characteristics, to what you do not oblige.. As soon as we receive a kitten that matches your criteria – we will inform you immediately. You will have the priority right to buy this kitten. The application does not obligate you to buy a kitten. This is just an additional informative bonus. If you do not like the kitten, which we offer you – you have the right to cancel the purchase. Breeder reserves the right to refuse to purchase a kitten without giving a reason.

    We do not practice making a deposit to reserve the animals, so your financial interests are not affected.
    We value our reputation.
    We will try to meet your expectations.

    Ariadna of Simba Iceberg ( SFS a 33 ) шотландская вислоухая , скоттиш-фолд , блю поинт , голубой колорпоинт котенок кошка — www.Simba-Iceberg (2)

    Ariadna of Simba Iceberg — firstborn of our scottish cattery :)


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