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Our Team & Story

We fell in love with our first Scottish cat Simba at first sight! This is how our journey began...

"Made with love" is not just a slogan of our cattery! This phrase reflects our life philosophy and the way of Scottish cats breeding.
We hope you also will become a part of our small, but cat-loving family! ❤

Lots of love,
the whole SIMBAICEBERG team

We live in Apopka, Florida 32703.
We had a branch in Ukraine, but it was permanently closed in 2021 and all cats were relocated to Apopka FL.
We don't have any branches or representatives.

Our Philosophy

Made With Love

Physical Health

We provide the best veterinary care. Our cats are chipped, fully vaccinated, tested for different diseases... Just look at them! They run like horses 😀
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Mental Health

We love our cats very much and they know about it! They live in a healthy home environment. No cages! We are a company for each other 🙂
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Show Results

We like to take part in international cats shows. Our cats and their children have high marks and awards, including BEST OF BEST.
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Official Documents

We work legally. All our cats and kittens have official documents.
We always conclude a written contract (and it is very long and detailed) 🙂
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Worldwide Shipping

We have experience in organizing safe and comfortable shipping of our kittens to different countries all over the world (EU countries, USA, Japan).
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Responsible Breeding

We are looking for only the best owners for all our beautiful kittens. Feel free to ask us any questions. Do not worry, we do not bite 🙂
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Our Plans for the Future

New Litter Announcements

We are waiting on new kittens
to be born in Apopka FL
in Spring 2022

Do you dream of such a kitten?

Only Five Steps To Your Dream

Step 1: Join our Waiting List
Step 2: Choose your kitten
Step 3: Watch its growth
Step 4: Shipping
Step 5: Enjoy life together

Make Well-Considered Decision That Gives A Lot Of Bonuses

We believe that the best decision to buy a kitten is a decision that was not made spontaneously.
If you decide to accept a new member in your family and you are ready to wait for this moment, then you definitely made a well-considered decision. It deserves respect.

  • How does the waiting list work;
  • Advantages to be on the Waiting List;
  • FAQ about the contract and payments;
  • How to join the waiting list and more information!

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Follow Your Heart And Let Your Dream Come True

When our kittens are born they look like small polar bears. And they OH so cute!
Everyone who in our waiting list feels like his dream is getting closer and closer.

When kittens are 2 months old, we begin the process of their distribution according to the priority allocation rules. Starting from this moment all kitten's characteristics such as sex, color, type of ears, character, breeding value and some others are already understandable.

So you can choose your the one and only kitten from all kittens offered to you.
We wrote about this procedure in "Waiting List" article, and it is also fixed in our contract in detail.

Look How Your Little Miracle Grows Fast

All kittens are surrounded 24/7 by the care and love of their mother and ours since birth.
When you chose a kitten we begin its full preparation for one of the greatest trips in its life - meeting with the new owner and, hopefully, its future best friend.

Preparation includes chipping, full vaccination, treatment from ecto- and endoparasites, as well as processing of our standart package of documents. During preparation, we also do additional tests and documents if they are needed for import into your country or on your personal request.
All our kittens litter and scratching post trained.

We regularly send you new photos and videos of your kitten. Believe us, you will be fascinated!

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Are You Ready To Meet Your New Family Member?

Kittens can leave our cattery at the age not earlier than 4.5 months if additional test such as rabies virus antibody test (rabies serology testing) or documents are not needed for import into your country.

At the moment we live in Orlando (FL, USA). Our head office is here. We deliver kittens within the US by air and by land. Terms of delivery within the United States are discussed and indicated in the contract for the purchase of a cat.
Also we have a representative office in Ukraine, where some of our cute kittens are growing up 🙂
Kittens that are in our branch in Ukraine, fly to different countries around the world from the main airport of Ukraine - Boryspil International Airport (IATA: KBP).
In this case shipping is carried out by KLM Cargo, its partners or personally by one of the representatives of our cattery.

We choose only safe and comfortable shipping, so we never ship our cats with private mediators-carriers.

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It Is Time To Enjoy Each Other's Company

This long-awaited day has come! Now your dream has come true!
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. We know how it feels!

Despite the fact that this kitten no longer lives with us, we still love it very much! We spent so much time together! We hope that you will give each other a lot of happiness and love!

From our side we guarantee full information support. If you have any questions that are related to this fluffy treasure, we are always ready to help you.

We always look forward to receiving letters from our graduates and their new owners - our new friends.

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Happy and healthy cats

Health Guarantee

Different Diseases Free

Our main priority is health. This is why we test our cats and their children for different genetic, viral, infectious diseases. According to the test results our cattery is free from most common cat diseases and even more!
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Veterinary Check-Ups

We use the services of a licensed veterinarian who regularly checks the health of our cats, vaccinate them with US and EU-certified vaccines. Ectoparasites and endoparasites treatment is also regular.
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Socialization & Training

We give our cats a lot of human interaction. Playing with them every day we also at the same time teaching them good manners. This is why they are balanced, sociable, people-friendly and have wonderful personalities!
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Let's start this great journey

Shipping Information

Worldwide Shipping

We have a wide experience of shipping to different countries. Our kittens now live in different countries on different continents (USA, European Union countries, Japan).

Only Save & Comfortable & Legal

We offer different shipping methods of kittens, but they all meet all of the above requirements. We love our kittens and do for them only what will be good for them, no exceptions.

Full Package of Documents

We always follow all veterinary requirements. We always make the required documents for legal import to another country. No smuggling and fake documents.

Letters from the new homes

Happy New Owners

Juliya delivered all what she promised, including a wonderful shipment. I cannot exaggerate if I told you that I sent to her more than 100 emails in 2 months, and she replied all of them! Even, she is replying my emails today.
Thanks to her, today I have 2 wonderful kittens (Harry and Hera), and they have come back the happiness to my life.
Thanks Juliya for loving cat and for the wonderful job that you are doing with them. Read The Full Testimonial

Testimonial - Anna and Scottish Fold lilac point cat Atalanta of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

This beauty joined us six years ago! She likes to play with feather teasers and loudly purr on my lap!
I’ve never met such smart cats before! And of course I recommend SimbaIceberg cattery!
Our Lanochka is exactly made with love))) Read The Full Testimonial

Once again many thanks to you for Arisha!!! 🙂 I saw Arisha’s photo on the phone and I was shocked!!! The exact copy of my five-year-old son was looking at me: big blue eyes and plump cheeks! I think that at that moment the choice was made! I wanted to take this miracle home as soon as possible 🙂 Now my son and Arisha are best friends! They play whole days, sleep together and do not imagine life without each other! As well as all of us 🙂 Read The Full Testimonial

Testimonial - Aya Kubota and Scottish Fold blue point cat Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny (TinyTiny cattery, Tokyo, Japan)

Flo is a beautiful cat which has sweet and mischievous character. Her eyes are clear blue, so attractive.
I feel like I'm being drawn into her eyes. And she has a healthy athletic build.
She is very expressive so it's pleasant to live with her. I am happy to meet her as my family:) Read The Full Testimonial

Story Telling

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No Pet-Shops & Resellers

We have never cooperated with any intermediaries/resellers/pet-shops, we do not do it now and we are not going to do it in the future. We negotiate only directly with a new owner.

No Smuggling

We are not smugglers! All our kittens cross all borders only legally. No tranquilizers and closed suitcases.

No Fake Documents

We use only real microchips, do real vaccinations and etc. All our kittens leave the cattery only with the real full required package of documents for legal border crossing.

They Are Not Us

Unfortunately, many scammers use photos of our cats and kittens or even try to act on our behalf. Be careful!