SimbaIceberg Jennifer

Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: March 03, 2018
Breed: Scottish Fold Shorthair (SFS)
Color: blue point (a 33)
Sire: Int.Ch. (WCF) Simba Iceberg (SCS a 33)
Dam: Cruel Morgana of Simba Iceberg (SFS a 33)

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About Jennifer

Scottish Fold kitty with a charming doll attractive face! ❤️

Just look at this beauty! Jennifer is the owner of a round muzzle with blue eyes and fluffy cheeks! She's so cute, isn't she? ❤️

Jennifer loves to purr, purr and purr again! She is the most affectionate kitty in the world ❤️

Whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents!

Identification & Documents


Jennifer is chipped with ISO 11784/85 standard chip and registered in the largest European database before her first vaccination.

Registered with TICA

Jennifer is officially registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).

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