Aya Kubota about Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny (TinyTiny cattery, Tokyo, Japan)

December 31, 2017

We were very happy to receive news from Japan! Our charming Flo moved there in December 2016. She had a long journey - about 11,500 km (7145 miles). Now she lives with her owner Aya Kubota and her new cat-friends in Tokyo. Aya is constantly in contact with us, she sends us new photos and videos. Dear Aya, we are very grateful to you for your love and great care for Flo!

Testimonial - Aya Kubota and Scottish Fold blue point cat Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny (TinyTiny cattery, Tokyo, Japan) (1)

Dear Yuliia,

It is an honor to add my feedback on your new website!
I attach photos of me and Flo.
And following is my feedback about Flo.

Flo is a beautiful cat which has sweet and mischievous character.

Her eyes are clear blue, so attractive.
I feel like I'm being drawn into her eyes.
And she has a healthy athletic build.

She is very expressive so it's pleasant to live with her.
I am happy to meet her as my family 🙂

Flo is now registered as Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny.
And URL of my website is below.

I'm looking forward to visit your new website!

With all my love,

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