Elegant ladies

Our Queens

Welcome to SIMBAICEBERG cattery queens page! At the moment this part of the royal dynasty is represented by 4 Scottish cats 👑

First of all, we would like to say a few words about the first queen of the cattery - Rosabel. Incredibly affectionate and very intelligent cat that is now neutered and enjoys a carefree life. She is the mother and grandmother of beautiful Scottish cats, including holders of high titles in different international felinological systems. She certainly proudly has the title of Queen of our cattery!

If we have a queen, then we must have princesses, too! And we have them!
These are two Rosabel's daughters: Paula and Morgana. They both have a very bright appearance. And also Rosabel's granddaughter - Grace, that along with all the other advantages, looks very unusual and cute because of the large expressive eyes that is a distinctive feature of the cats of our cattery.

These beauties are kind, sweet, intelligent, but at the same time, very bright personalities.
Their favorite games are catching up and playing with the ball. Sometimes they bring us some presents in the teeth, such as rustling paper or socks that was stoled by them 🙂

And they are caring mothers that are able to give a quality healthy offspring with excellent heredity ❤️

All our studs are free of such diseases as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), FeLV (feline leukemia virus), PKD (polycystic kidney disease), and also free of different parasites. They are affectionate cats that enjoy being with people. Read more about how we care about their physical and mental health.


We call her Lucy or Moriarty at home 🙂

She is Scottish Fold cat, our incredibly beautiful model!
Fashionable make-up advantageously highlights her expressive big blue eyes, elegant stockings adorn her long slender legs, and the softness of her fur coat can be compared only with a coat of mink.
Is it possible to resist such a beauty?

At the moment she is Champion (WCF).

SimbaIceberg Grace

We call her Grace at home 🙂

She is Scottish Straight Shorthair cat that regularly confirms the title of a young "lioness" of our cattery.
The independent and proud cat, but so sweet!
In addition to her cheerful nature, she is also the owner of a truly outstanding appearance!

Grace is the representative of the third generation of our cattery.

She is the beloved granddaughter of her granny Rosabel ❤️

Cruel Morgana of Simba Iceberg

We call her Morgana at home 🙂

She is Scottish Fold Shorthair cat. And no, she's not cruel. She just was named after Morgana Pendragon (the main antagonist of the "Merlin" BBC series).

Just look at this nice muzzle with big blue eyes! Look at her soft fur and her fluffy booty tail! She's a miracle, is not she? Oh, her kittens are so unusual and beautiful!

SimbaIceberg Ice Cream

We call her Morozhenko (the way ice cream is cutely called in one of our native languages) 🍨 🙂

She is Scottish Fold Shorthair cat. Ice Cream has big blue eyes that make her look very cute!

It's a pleasure to hug her, because she has such a soft fur ❤️

SimbaIceberg Jessica

We call her Jessica at home 🙂

She is Scottish Straight Shorthair cat. She is strong and brave!
Almost a superhero!
She has fun and runs all day, finds adventures both for herself and for her littermates.
The leader of this fluffy team! ❤

Jessica is the third generation of our cattery.
We have high hopes for her 🙂

SimbaIceberg Jennifer

We call her Jennifer at home 🙂

She is Scottish Fold Shorthair cat.

Just look at this beauty! Jennifer is the owner of a round muzzle with blue eyes and fluffy cheeks! She's so cute, isn't she? ❤️

Jennifer loves to purr, purr and purr again! She is the most affectionate kitty in the world ❤️

Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll... in the past

Retired Queens

As we have said before, not only queen cats live in our cattery, but also neutered ones. These are cats that once took part in our breeding program. We are very grateful to them for their contribution to our work! We also want to thank them for their beautiful descendants, some of them remained for further work in our cattery, others - live in different countries of the world and even on different continents!

All these retired cats live with us and continue to please us with their purring every day ❤️


We call her Granny Rosa at home 🙂 MOTHER OF ALL GRAGONS CATS!

She is Scottish Fold Shorthair cat. Big blue eyes, a plush coat and a round face... does not she remind you of anyone? Of course she reminds Grantik. In addition to her incredibly cute appearance, Rosa also passed her soft character to all her children and grandchildren! 24-hour purring? With pleasure! 24-hour owners' hugs? Do not even try to deny her that pleasure!

Now Rosa is engaged in the education of her grandchildren.