Welcome to this world litter J!

March 18, 2018 Cattery’s life

The stork flew to us on March 03, 2018. And it brought us 5 kittens - this is a great happiness for our cattery! 2 handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls ❤

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New photos of SimbaIceberg Ice Cream

March 16, 2018 Cattery’s life

Blue-eyed Scottish Fold beauty Morozhenko is a born model! This new photo shoot is ready. The video is coming soon!

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Morozhenko turned 2,5 months old 🎂

February 10, 2018 Cattery’s life

Our cute and sweet Morozhenko (officially SimbaIceberg Ice Cream) turned 2.5 months old. In this regard, she took part in a new photo shoot, and also starred in a video 🙂

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❤️ SimbaIceberg Ice Cream - available for sale ❤️

February 03, 2018 Cattery’s life

Let us introduce this little almost Christmas miracle! Scottish Fold kitten of blue point color. We decided to call her Morozhenko 🍨 (the way ice cream is cutely called in one of our native languages. Officially she will be SimbaIceberg

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New Year - New Website! Welcome!

January 01, 2018 Cattery’s life

Dear guests of our magic kingdom! Today we are glad to welcome you to our home. As you can already see, our virtual home has been updated.

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Oscar Menendez Nadal about SimbaIceberg Harry and SimbaIceberg Hera (Orlando, Florida, USA)

January 01, 2018 Testimonials

We received one more testimonial. Today it is about two Scottish kittens Harry and Hera, that live with their wonderful owner Oscar and his family in the US.

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Testimonial - Aya Kubota and Scottish Fold blue point cat Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny (TinyTiny cattery, Tokyo, Japan)

Aya Kubota about Simba Iceberg Flo of Tinytiny (TinyTiny cattery, Tokyo, Japan)

December 31, 2017 Testimonials

Flo moved to Tokyo in December 2016. She had a long journey (about 11,500 km / 7,145 miles)!

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Testimonial - Anna and Scottish Fold lilac point cat Atalanta of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Anna about Atalanta of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

December 30, 2017 Testimonials

Atalanta is one of our first kittens. She lives in our hometown in a large family!

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Testimonial - Lina and Scottish Fold blue point cat Ariadna of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Lina about Ariadna of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

December 29, 2017 Testimonials

Ariadna is also a kitten from our first litter. She is one of the favorites of her father Simba!

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Follow us on Facebook!

August 07, 2017 Cattery’s life

Today we have updated the design of our official Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/SimbaIcebergCattery/ We hope that you will like it!

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