❤️ Have you been dreaming about such a kitten? ❤ It's time for action! ❤

October 22, 2018 Our Plans

Having 10+ years of experience, we can say with confidence that the best decision to buy a kitten is a decision that was not made spontaneously. If you decide to accept a new fluffy family member from SIMBAICEBERG cattery into

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SIMBAICEBERG cattery (TICA №31945) in the USA

August 26, 2018 Cattery’s life

Dear friends! We are happy to inform you that the SIMBAICEBERG cattery (TICA №31945 registered) has a branch in the USA since June 06, 2018! 🙂 It is located in the resort city of Orlando, in the tourist state of Florida.

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Our little tigers love fresh beef! 🐯 ❤

May 05, 2018 Cattery’s life

All our cats and kittens eat fresh organic beef every day. This is a big part of their diet. We suggest you see what their standard breakfast looks like!

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More than 14000 views in 2 days ❤ Ice Cream is going to be a star 🌟

May 05, 2018 Cattery’s life

People in the comments often write to us that our cats and kittens are not real. This is why we decided to disprove it and quickly filmed a video with Ice Cream (aka Morozhenko) on the phone. 

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James... SimbaIceberg James 🕵️‍♂️

April 12, 2018 Cattery’s life

Are you looking for a partner for top-secret missions? Or do you just need a loyal and faithful friend? In this case, we have the perfect candidate for you!

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Scottish Fold & Straight kittens from litter J turned 1 month old!

April 06, 2018 Cattery’s life

How quickly time passes! More recently, we announced the birth of a new litter J, and today these polar bears run around and demand meat for dinner 🙂

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New videos of SimbaIceberg Ice Cream

March 30, 2018 Cattery’s life

Look at this Scottish Fold supermodel! She is 3 months 3 weeks old on new videos :)

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Welcome to this world litter J!

March 18, 2018 Cattery’s life

The stork flew to us on March 03, 2018. And it brought us 5 kittens - this is a great happiness for our cattery! 2 handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls ❤

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New photos of SimbaIceberg Ice Cream

March 16, 2018 Cattery’s life

Blue-eyed Scottish Fold beauty Morozhenko is a born model! This new photo shoot is ready. The video is coming soon!

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Morozhenko turned 2,5 months old 🎂

February 10, 2018 Cattery’s life

Our cute and sweet Morozhenko (officially SimbaIceberg Ice Cream) turned 2.5 months old. In this regard, she took part in a new photo shoot, and also starred in a video 🙂

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