Morgana Turns 10 Today!

January 06, 2023

To: Morgana

You must have been confused with yesterday's photoshoot, as we never did anything similar to a family portrait before. But we have a special occasion to celebrate — you are turning 10 years old today!

Although you were born on a cold, snowy day, you have always been our sunshine, even on the darkest days. You are always there when we need a buddy to cuddle with and watch K-dramas. You are more than happy to join us for a daytime nap. You seem so excited about playing with our slippers in the kitchen while we prepare something delicious for you.

Time flies so fast, but the only thing that has changed about you since you were a kitten is this tiny bit of gray hair on your whiskers.

Can't wait to make another portrait with you next year!

Happy Birthday, our sunshine Morgana!

Lots of love,
Your humans ‍‍‍

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