True gentlemen

Our Kings

Welcome to SIMBAICEBERG cattery stud page! Let us introduce our royal dynasty to you 👑

Our king – Simba Iceberg. As befits the ruler of the kingdom, Simba has absolute power, enjoys incredible respect and authority, and is also the hero of several love affairs. He is the main cat of the cattery and this phrase explains everything.

And his son - prince SimbaIceberg Junior. Junior was born in our cattery and could not leave us indifferent. He combines the best features of his parents. Simba is personally engaged in the upbringing of his heir, thanks to this Junior has not only noble blood, but is trained in all the rules of royal etiquette of cats.

All our studs are free of such diseases as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), FeLV (feline leukemia virus), PKD (polycystic kidney disease), and also free of different parasites. They have a very sweet temperament. Read more about how we care about their physical and mental health.

Stud service (mating with other people's female cats) is not available. We not to place our males at public stud. And this is our final decision.

Simba Iceberg

Simba, as we call him at home, is the king!

He is Scottish Straight Shorthair cat from which it all began.
The cat whose appearance in our life turned her upside down!
Of course, in a good way 🙂
He is the king not only of our hearts, but of his pride, too!

At the moment Simba is International Champion and candidate for the Grand International Champions of WCF.

SimbaIceberg Junior

We call him Simba Junior at home 🙂

He is adorable Scottish Straight Shorthair cat.
We waited so long for the exact copy of our beloved Simba Iceberg to be born in our cattery.
And finally, this dream came true! By the way, that's why his name is Junior.
And now we see how a small copy of Simba Iceberg runs around the rooms and gives us a lot of joy ❤

Junior is the representative of the third generation of our cattery.
We have high hopes for him 🙂

Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll... in the past

Retired Kings

SimbaIceberg Grant

We call him Grant or Grantik at home 🙂

He is very cute Scottish Fold Shorthair cat.
Circles, circles... Grantik "consists" of continuous circles: the round muzzle with expressive round eyes and small ears, that, again, fit perfectly into the circle of the head 😉

Grant is the representative of the third generation of our cattery.
He lives in Saudi Arabia.