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Here are some of the questions we get asked from time to time. Of course if you do not find what you are looking for here - please get in touch with us via our contact form! We're just getting started on this section, much more will be added soon!

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SimbaIceberg is Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight cattery. We work with rare pointed colors and officially registered (№31945) with The International Cat Association (TICA).
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Who can buy a kitten in our cattery?

You can buy a kitten in our cattery only if you are final buyer and buy a kitten for yourself.
We do not cooperate with resellers and other intermediaries, as well as we do not sell our kittens to pet stores (pet shops).
We negotiate only directly with a kitten’s buyer – the person with whom a kitten will live.
We have never cooperated with any intermediaries, we do not do it now and we are not going to do it in the future.

At what age can kittens leave the cattery?

We comply with international veterinary requirements, so all our kittens are fully vaccinated (Bioveta Biofel PCH + Bioveta Biofel PCHR) before moving to a new home. They can leave our cattery at the age not earlier than 4,5 months old if additional test such as rabies virus antibody test (rabies serology testing) is not needed for import into your country.
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Do you have waiting list?

Yes, we have. Well-considered decision that gives a lot of bonuses. That is how we can describe our Waiting List.
We believe that the best decision to buy a kitten is a decision that was not made spontaneously.
If you decide to accept a new member in your family and you are ready to wait for this moment, then you definitely made a well-considered decision. It deserves respect.

  • How does the waiting list work;
  • Advantages to be on the Waiting List;
  • FAQ about the contract and payments;
  • How to join the waiting list and more information!

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How much does a kitten cost?

In this section you can get acquainted with the price policy of our cattery.
The price of a kitten depends on its type of ears, color and the purpose of its purchase.
The prices listed below include the standard package of documents for export from Ukraine.

These prices are valid from January 01, 2018 to February 28, 2018 and only on condition of joining our Waiting List.

If you want to buy a kitten WITHOUT breeding rights (NOT FOR BREEDING):
– Scottish Straight kitten of pointed colors (color-point or tabby-point) without breeding rights – $1500 USD
– Scottish Fold kitten of pointed colors (color-point or tabby-point colors) without breeding rights – $1750 USD

Payments under Waiting List contract

Attention. This information is related only to payments under the contract on the Waiting List conditions (the special price of a kitten on the Waiting List conditions; the contract must be concluded before the birth of such a kitten).

You must transfer three payments under Waiting List contract:
1. The buyer makes the first payment under Waiting List contract on the day the contract is concluded. The amount of the first payment is $250 USD. The form of payment is a SWIFT payment (private transfer of money to a bank account).
2. The second payment under the contract (the balance of a kitten’s price, as well as the cost of additional personal testing of a kitten if applicable), the buyer makes on the day of selection of a kitten.
3. The third payment under the contract (the cost of delivery of a kitten) the buyer makes 1 month before the agreed date of departure of a kitten.

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Health guarantee

Our breeding cats have DNA tests for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) by Animal DNA Laboratory (Melbourne, Australia), tests for immunodeficiency (FIV) and leukemia cats virus (FeLV) with negative results (healthy). Also tested for blood group. All our cats are vaccinated against rabies of cats, feline panleukopenia, herpesviral and caliciviral infection with US and EU-certified vaccines.

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Additional personal testing of a kitten

If the buyer wants his kitten to be additionally personally tested for various genetic, viral and infectious diseases, then we are ready to do it.
This requirement will be specified in the contract. We will send you a list of all possible tests and their cost.
The cost of additional personal testing of a kitten is paid by the buyer.

Rabies virus antibody test (rabies serology testing, rabies titration test)

This test is needed for import to all countries of the European Union, Japan and some other countries.
This test is not needed for import to the USA and Canada.
If you have not found your country on the list and do not know if you need this test – this is not a problem.
If you are interested in buying a kitten from my cattery, I can always clarify all the information in the competent authorities of your country.
If the rabies virus antibody test (rabies serology testing, rabies titration test) is needed to import into your country, then I will prepare all the necessary documents.
The cost of this test is paid by the buyer separately.

Official Documents

What kind of documents do your kittens have?

Each kitten from our cattery has a complete standard package of documents.
Standard package of documents for the export from Ukraine includes:

  • 1. Microchip for electronic identification (chipping)
  • 2. TICA certificate of registration
  • 3. International veterinary passport (vaccination and treatment from parasites)
  • 4. The Contract
  • 5. TICA Transfer of Ownership Certificate
  • 6. Veterinary Certificate (Form Number 1)
  • 7. International Veterinary Certificate
  • 8. Customs Certificate
  • 9. Accompanying documents of the transport company (if shipping is carried out by KLM Cargo or its partners)

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Shipping (delivery)

What about delivery (shipping)?

Our cattery is located in Ukraine, but our graduates live all over the world: EU countries, USA, Japan.
You can see detailed information about our graduates on this page.
Delivery is possible to any country.
Delivery by Cargo KLM to all major international airports. The delivery price depends on the destination.
The shipping price to the USA (major international airports) is about 690 USD.
We do not ship our cats with private mediators-carriers.

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Other Questions

Someone uses photos of your kittens/cats and offers me to buy a kitten from SimbaIceberg cattery without a contract...

Unfortunately, many scammers use photos of our cats or even try to act on our behalf.
We recommend that you always contact us using contact form on our official website or directly to
We sell all our kittens only with the contract.
Such the contract fixes all terms of sale and transfer of money, all guarantees, as well as personal data of both parties under the contract (full names, residential address, passport details, other contact details and etc.).
We accept all payments only after full agreement of all points of the contract.
We always conduct official correspondence from our official emails, that look like ***
We do not use,,, and other unbranded mails.
Social networks:
If you contacted us on social networks, we can advise you.
But, if we need to discuss the terms of a particular deal, conclude a contract, transfer money, etc., we always ask you to contact us through our official website.
If you are offered to transfer money during the correspondence on any social network, then you can definitely be sure that the person you are communicating with has nothing to do with our cattery. This is a fraud.
We have never cooperated with any intermediaries (resellers, pet shops and etc.), we do not do it now and we are not going to do it in the future.
We do not negotiate in social networks and on third-party sites, we use only our official email for this.