Scottish Straight blue point cat Simba Iceberg

Simba Iceberg

We call him Simba at home 🙂

Title: International Champion, candidate for Grand International Champion (WCF)
Sex: male (1.0)
Breed: Scottish Straight Shorthair (SCS)
Color: blue point (a 33)
Sire: Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Iceberg Twice Kittana's (SFS a 33)
Dam: Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Irma (SCS a 33)

🇺🇦 Simba lives with us in Ukraine.

It is interesting

About Our King

It's not a secret that sometimes in our life we have meetings with people who completely change our lives. Do you have such a person? We do... but this person is a cat.

Meet Simba Iceberg! The cat from which it all began. This is the cat whose appearance in our life turned it upside down! In a good way, of course 🙂 He is the king not only of our hearts but of his pride, too! Being the head of the pride is not only an honor but also a very responsible position! Only Simba can at first, having an unperturbed expression of a muzzle, scold kittens who have done something wrong, and then start playing with them in catch-up. He is strict but at the same time a fair and sensitive father. Maybe that's why the girls love Simba very much, and the kittens adore him and imitate all his habits 🙂

It also should be noted that Simba is not just an absolute gentleman, he is also a professor emeritus of the Noble Cats Institute. He teaches not only the basics of good manners for young ladies and gentlemen but also gives master classes on how to properly charm the judges at cat shows! Oh, he can tell a lot about this! Among Simba's pupils there are legends about his show career: brilliant victories and neutered competitors... however, now is not about this 🙂

In addition to teaching, now Simba devoted himself to his cat family and children! He pays a little attention to us, his human family... After all, how can we compete with his lovely fluffy family 🙂

Active and playful
Likes to talk with people
Loves hugs
Cute level
testimonial - Scottish Fold chocolate silver tabby point cat Paula

Simba is handsome man cat <3

testimonial - Scottish Fold lilac point cat Rosabel

My dear husband, the love of my life 🙂

testimonial - Scottish Fold blue point cat SimbaIceberg Grant

I'm happy to have a father like Simba!

Made with love... for love 🙂

Health & Genetics

Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated with US and EU-certified vaccines (Bioveta Biofel PCH & Bioveta Biofel PCHR).

Parasite Free

Regular ecto- and endoparasitic treatment (Advocate, Advantage, Profender, Drontal - all made by Bayer)

Disease Free

FIV (immunodeficiency), FeLV (leukemia), PKD (polycystic kidney disease) negative.

Breeding Info

Genotype: aa Bb dd ii L- cscs
Weight: 17,2 lb (7,8 kg) of 999 gold
Blood type: A

Whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents!

Identification & Documents


Simba is chipped with ISO 11784/85 standard chip and registered in the largest European database.

Registered with TICA & WCF

Simba is officially registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) & World Cat Federation (WCF).

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