Atalanta (Atalanta of Simba Iceberg) turned 11 months old!

September 29, 2012

Today we are starting the new "Letters from New Homes" category, that will contain information about kittens born in our cattery!About the stories, interesting and funny moments that are happening to them, about their show results, in general, about everything that is connected with them!

The small but very positive photo-greeting from Atalanta of Simba Iceberg, she was born from the wonderful pair - Rosabel & Simba Iceberg. This cat has a beautiful white fur coat with lilac marks and lives in the city of Donetsk in Ukraine.

The main sign of Scottish Fold cats is the special structure of their auricles caused by the dominant Fd gene.

In addition to folded ears, Atalanta has the truly Scottish Fold/Straight character: affectionate, easy-going, playful cat. This is undoubtedly important because there are small children in her new family.

These are the photos we took when we visited Atalanta. Enjoy watching!:)

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