Anna about Atalanta of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine)

December 30, 2017

Atalanta is a kitten from the first litter born in our cattery. She lives in our hometown in a large family with several children. We lived close enough to her new home, so we had the opportunity to visit her. Thanks to Anna and her daughter Victoria for the detailed testimonial! And of course give a lot of kisses to Lana!

Testimonial - Anna and Scottish Fold lilac point cat Atalanta of Simba Iceberg (Donetsk, Ukraine) (1)

This beauty joined us six years ago! I would like to say at once that according to the documents she has a completely different name, but it was difficult for my 3-year-old daughter Victoria to pronounce such a complicated nickname, so our princess's name changed from Atalanta to Lana)))

My daughter and I fell in love with Lana the very second we first saw her on the cattery's website!

What can we say about our first meeting)) She was so small, but she was purred so loudly! All the early childhood we suffered from allergies and this is why we were very happy when there was no allergic reaction to the kitten! Lanochka moved to us after quarantine on vaccinations and immediately chose a place on the couch in the living room))

At first it was so fun to watch the reaction of our guests to a new fluffy member of our family, who brazenly stretched out on the whole couch and did not let them sit down. Now they are used to such a company, but Lana still does not want anyone to sit in her place)))

Lanochka is our personal nanny and a teacher for the child) It's hard for me to describe my feelings when I watch the games of daughter and Lana or look at their shared dream! They often hug and it looks so cute! I believe that Lanochka protects the dream from nightmares! Little defender)))

I can write for a long time how wonderful Lana is! And it is true! For us, she is the most beautiful cat in the world! She likes to play with feather teasers and loudly purrs on my lap! I've never met such smart cats before! One day cats will capture the world))

I want to say many thanks to the breeder - Yuliia! She entrusted her treasure to us! She constantly consults us and helped us with spaying (it was an obligatory condition of purchase, since we bought Lana not for breeding, but as a pet)))! Now it's funny to remember about that spay surgery, but then it was not very funny))) I remember how I was afraid and worried about Lana before the upcoming surgery, but Yuliia calmed me down and advised a first-class veterinarian who literally in an hour did everything (or maybe less time, then it seemed to me that the surgery lasted for ages))). Later in the afternoon, when Lanochka finally left the anesthesia, we all ran after her and tried to explain to her that the bandage is dressed on her for a reason and it's better for her not to jump very high yet)))

I do not see any sense in writing about other moments like documents and vaccinations))) The one who has ever communicated with Yuliia knows that everything is organized at the highest level and you do not have to worry)))

Thanks again for our treasure! We love her very much!!! And of course I recommend SimbaIceberg cattery! Our Lanochka is exactly made with love)))

* this testimonial was translated from Russian into English

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