More than 14000 views in 2 days ❤ Ice Cream is going to be a star 🌟

May 05, 2018

People in the comments often write to us that our cats and kittens are not real. This is why we decided to disprove it and quickly filmed a video with Ice Cream (aka Morozhenko) on the phone. 

This video has become very popular. It collected more than 14k views in just two days. The number of views and comments continues to grow!

We are very pleased that such a large number of people liked Morozhenko. We will continue to shoot small videos 🙂

Minute of advertising 🙂 Now we have Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens and adult cats for sale, including the kitten on the video below. Click here and go to the "For Sale" page to learn more about available kittens.

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