Scottish Fold chocolate silver tabby point cat Paula


We call her Lucy or Moriarty at home 🙂

Title: Champion (WCF)
Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: March 18, 2011
Breed: Scottish Fold Shorthair (SFS)
Color: chocolate silver tabby point (bs 21 33)
Sire: Ch. (WCF) Silver Star Julia's Cat (SCS ns 22)
Dam: Ch. (WCF) Rosabel (SFS c 33)

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About Our Princess

Let me introduce the winner of the "Scottish Fold's Next Top Model" show! Our incredibly beautiful model, the owner of an exclusive chocolate silver tabby point coat, - Paula! By the way, Paula is the most titled cat in Ukraine in such a rare and noble color. It could not be otherwise, right? Just look at her! Fashionable make-up advantageously highlights her expressive big blue eyes, elegant stockings adorn her long slender legs, and the softness of her fur coat can be compared only with a coat of mink. Is it possible to resist such a beauty? 🙂

But do not let her appearance mislead you. Not without reason, she has on the forehead the "M" letter that is the cause of one of her many nicknames - Moriarty! "What do such a beauty and the genius of the underworld have in common?" - you ask. Insidiousness, the ability to build brilliant criminal schemes and cunning. Paula is a gray cardinal in the cats' room: everyone loves her, but at the same time, they are afraid of her and obey her. After all, only she can organize all the ladies and together commit a crime. For example, open a pack of dry food or try coffee of owners 🙂

Despite all her cunning and indisputable authority in the cat's room, Paula is a very kind and caring cat! Most often at home, we call her "Aunt Lucy" (the short affectionate form of "Pavlyusya")! After all, in most cases, she can be caught not when she builds plans to capture the world, but when she puts paper boats in a bowl of water together with kittens. It's such a sweet sight! 🙂 Luсy is very fond of messing with kittens, especially small ones! As soon as these little furry balls of happiness appear in the house - so immediately Aunt Lucy disappears from sight... she lies in a "heart" pose in the maternity house with a young mother and helps in every way to take care of newborn kittens 🙂

Active and playful
Likes to talk with people
Loves hugs
Cute level
testimonial - Scottish Fold lilac point cat Rosabel

Yes, I gave birth to such a beauty 🙂

testimonial - Scottish Straight blue point cat SimbaIceberg Grace

The coolest aunt in the world!

testimonial - Scottish Straight blue point cat Simba Iceberg

Her eyes have the color of the sky and they reflect the light of the stars in the night...

Made with love... for love 🙂

Health & Genetics

Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated with US and EU-certified vaccines (Bioveta Biofel PCH & Bioveta Biofel PCHR).

Parasite Free

Regular ecto- and endoparasitic treatment (Advocate, Advantage, Profender, Drontal – made by Bayer).

Disease Free

FIV (immunodeficiency), FeLV (leukemia), PKD (polycystic kidney disease) negative (healthy).

Breeding Info

Genotype: Аa tbtb bb Dd Ii L- cscs
Weight: 10,8 lb (4,9 kg)
Blood type: A

Whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents!

Identification & Documents


Paula is chipped with ISO 11784/85 standard chip and registered in the largest European database.

Registered with WCF

Paula is officially registered with World Cat Federation (WCF).

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