Oriental tale: new photos

September 27, 2013

New photos in the oriental style are added on personal pages!

• Cruel Morgana of Simba Iceberg — Scottish Fold blue point girl. She is a born model! She is charismatic and playful, she has big round eyes in the color of a scorching sky. Maybe she's your future cat? — visit the page «For Sale»!

• Camelot of Simba Iceberg — Scottish Fold blue point boy. A very handsome and affectionate boy is waiting for his owners!

• Diana of Simba Iceberg — Scottish Fold lilac silver tabby-point girl. Diana will live with us! We will continue to please you with her photos!

• Paula — Scottish Fold chocolate silver tabby-point girl. She is breeding cat of our cattery. Paula likes to be photographed. So, when she saw that the photo session was in full swing, and she was not invited, she decided to restore justice and independently laid on the pillow 🙂

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