Oscar Menendez Nadal about SimbaIceberg Harry and SimbaIceberg Hera (Orlando, Florida, USA)

January 01, 2018

We received one more testimonial. Today it is about two Scottish kittens Harry and Hera, that live with their wonderful owner Oscar and his family in the US.

We would like to thank Oscar once again for his love for these children. We are very happy that they have such a caring owner like you! And, of course, thank you for your regular email with the updates. We appreciate it so much!

My name is Oscar. I am from Spain but I live in Orlando, Florida, USA. I am not a breeder. I am just a guy that loves cat, but I was not fortunate...

2 kitties (1 and 2 years old) passed away in 4 months last year. After those bad experience, I wanted to be sure that my next 2 kittens come from a breeder that the cats were more important than the money.

I looked for different breeders in different States in USA, and all showed me the same: Cats are just business. Then I opened the search outside US, and thanks God I found Juliya. She is the best that happens to me in 2017.

All of us, we know that there are many cat sales scam online, and the people was telling me that I was crazy trying to buy a cat from Ukraine, so I was very very distrustful, even sometimes I could offend her and I apologize for that. She showed me that she was not scam and she was a professional breeder, and specially a good person that would die for her cats.

When we signed the contract, I was still distrustful, so I asked her for all kind of medical test for the kittens and parents, and after know her, I canceled all the tests. She delivered all what she promised, including a wonderful shipment.

I cannot exaggerate if I told you that I sent to her more than 100 emails in 2 months, and she replied all of them! Even, she is replying my emails today.

Thanks to her, today I have 2 wonderful kittens (Harry and Hera), and they have come back the happiness to my life.

Thanks Juliya for loving cat and for the wonderful job that you are doing with them.

If you want to contact Oscar for more information, write to us and we will provide you with his email in confidential correspondence. We thank Oscar for giving us his permission to provide his email on request 🙂

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