Please, be careful


Unfortunately, many scammers use photos of our cats or even try to act on our behalf.
We recommend that you always contact us using contact form on our official website or directly to

We sell all our kittens only with the contract.
Such the contract fixes all terms of sale and transfer of money, all guarantees, as well as personal data of both parties under the contract (full names, residential address, passport details, other contact details and etc.).
We accept all payments only after full agreement of all points of the contract.

We always conduct official correspondence from our official emails, that look like ***
We do not use,,, and other unbranded mails.

Social networks:
If you contacted us on social networks, we can advise you.
But, if we need to discuss the terms of a particular deal, conclude a contract, transfer money, etc., we always ask you to contact us through our official website.
If you are offered to transfer money during the correspondence on any social network, then you can definitely be sure that the person you are communicating with has nothing to do with our cattery. This is a fraud.
We have never cooperated with any intermediaries (resellers, pet shops and etc.), we do not do it now and we are not going to do it in the future.
We do not negotiate in social networks and on third-party sites, we use only our official email for this.