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Waiting List

The first litter of Scottish kittens was born in our cattery in September 2011.
Since then we have already formed a certain policy of work.
It is to give all our kittens good new owners.

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Who do we consider a good owner?

Honestly, here we could write an incredibly long list of what a good, from our point of view, owner should do. This list would definitely include the moments associated with nutrition, veterinary care, general care of a cat. We think that no one will read 300 pages of such information 🙂
In short, we believe that a good owner loves his cat and always acts in its interests.

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Let’s get acquainted!

As you could already understand, the choice of new owners for our kittens is not something that we take lightly.
Kittens that are born in our cattery are with us 24/7 from the very moment of their birth. And we treat them like children, because they also grow, take the first steps, learn to eat the first food… They are members of our family.
This is why we appreciate very much if you provide us with some information about yourself and how you are going to raise one of our beautiful kittens!

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Why do not you have a lot of kittens in your cattery?

A small number of litters are born in our cattery because we adhere to the generally accepted voluntary code of ethics of cat breeders.
We have so many adult animals (future parents of kittens), to whom we can provide decent care, comfortable living conditions and a lot of personal attention every day.
This means that we do not keep our animals in cages or separate rooms without people. They are always in contact with a person. Therefore, we do not have many adult animals.
Our “retired” producers also live with us, surrounded by no less love and care! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
The number of litters is also affected by the fact that we do not mate our cats in every estrus.
We try to follow the rule 1 litter for 1 year. Maximum is 3 litters in 2 years.
Therefore, if you decided to buy a kitten in our cattery, we suggest that you join our Waiting List.

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Join the Waiting List – the right decision!

We are very serious about responsible possession of a cat. We believe that the best decision to buy a kitten is a decision that was not made spontaneously. If you decide to accept a new member in your family and you are ready to wait for this moment, then you definitely made a well-considered decision. It deserves respect.

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Advantages to be on the Waiting List

The first advantage is the priority right to buy a kitten.
We have a list of approved future owners of our kittens (these are people who have already gone through a similar procedure of joining our Waiting List before you).
We inform about the birth of new kittens only people who are on our Waiting List.
After all the participants of the Waiting List have selected their kittens according to the priority allocation rules, information on the remaining (not reserved kittens) is placed on the site of the cattery with the mark “available for sale”. Such kittens will be available for sale at regular prices.

The second advantage is the special price of a kitten.
If you have serious intentions and are ready to wait for the birth of a kitten, then we are ready to meet you half-way.
If you pre-join our Waiting List, you can expect a better price.

The third advantage is the additional preparation time.
It’s no secret that not only the house requires preparation for the arrival of a kitten, but the psychological state of a person requires this.
You do not just need to get ready and get used to this joyful thought, but also thoroughly prepare in terms of theoretical material.
During the whole waiting time of the kitten, you have the opportunity to ask all questions that somehow relate to the life of your future kitten. Proper feeding, proper care, veterinary moments, types of toys and much more!

The fourth advantage is the opportunity to observe the development of a kitten from the first days of its life.
We guarantee you regular updates of information about your kitten from the first days of its life. We send photos and video materials with the frequency specified in the contract. Questions about a kitten – at any time and in any quantity! We always try to respond as quickly as possible to the best of our ability and free time!

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Priority allocation rules

So, now we will briefly describe the rules for allocating priorities in our Waiting List.
Or, if very briefly, who will get the kitten first?
The current Waiting List is displayed in real time on this page below.

The right of “first choice”
We would like to note at once that in our cattery we are engaged in breeding work aimed at improving the breed characteristics of Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats. Therefore, we reserve the right of “first choice” of any kitten from any litter. After a kitten class is defined as a “potential show class”, we reserve the right not to offer such a kitten to people on our Waiting List, nor to offer it to third parties for sale. This is a common practice among breeders of cats, because this is what makes it possible to improve the breed. That is why we reserve the right to hold a kitten for ourselves, which, we believe, will allow us to move forward in our breeding program.

Distribution of kittens between participants of our Waiting List begins after the kittens are 2 months old from the moment of birth.
At this time a kitten’s breeding value is already understandable, and it is also clear whether this kitten is considered as the future producer of our cattery or not.
The first information about available kitten will be received by the person who applied for a kitten with such parameters and, at the same time, is higher on the Waiting List for exactly such a kitten.
Ie, a kitten will be offered to a buyer when the queue number of a buyer on the Waiting List will be 1 (first) for kittens with such parameters.
The priority of a buyer’s right to reserve a kitten corresponds to the number of a buyer’s queue on the Waiting List.
Detailed rules for reserving such a kitten or refusing to buy it are fixed in our contract.

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How to join the Waiting List?

In order to join our Waiting List you need to fill out the form on this page.
After we receive your application, we will contact you and discuss all the questions.
If our views on all questions coincide, then we will invite you to join our Waiting List.
You can join our Waiting List by signing a contract for the buying of a kitten from future litters.
We propose to conclude a contract that fixes not only the personal data of the parties, the terms of sale, the financial terms of the deal, but also all guarantees from both our side and yours.
If all the conditions fixed in the contract are acceptable to you, then such a contract will be concluded.

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The Contract and deposit (the first payment under the Waiting List contract).

How long does the contract for buying a kitten from future litters work?
The contract for the buying of a kitten from the litters by the end of the current year is effective from the moment of the conclusion of such a contract until the end of the reporting period (until December 31 of the year of contract conclusion).

When is the first payment made under the contract (deposit)?
The first payment under the contract is made on the day of signing the contract for the buying of a kitten according to the Waiting List (before the birth of a kitten with the parameters specified in the contract).
The first payment on the day of signing the contract is actually the deposit that we require to confirm your real desire to buy a kitten in our cattery.

How long is such the deposit valid?
The deposit is valid from the moment of conclusion of the contract for the buying of a kitten according to the Waiting List and by December 31 of the year of contract conclusion.

Is the deposit part of the price of a kitten?
Yes, the deposit is part of the price of a kitten.

Is the deposit refundable and, if so, in which cases?
Yes, we return the deposit in the event that you can not choose a kitten by December 31 of the year of contract conclusion.

In what terms is the deposit refunded?
If you could not choose a kitten in the reporting period (by December 31 of the year of contract conclusion), we will refund your deposit within a month from the date of termination of the contract.

What is the amount of the deposit (the first payment under the contract)?
We accept the deposit (the first payment) on the day of signing a contract for the buying of a kitten according to the Waiting List of $250 (Two hundred and fifty US dollars). Payment is possible in the following currencies: US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). The method of transferring money is a SWIFT payment to a bank account.

Where can I see a deposit refund guarantee if I can not choose a kitten by December 31?
All financial questions will be described in detail in the contract, which we will prepare for you and will send you for agreement.

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The contract and the total cost of a kitten (the second payment on the Waiting List contract).

In this section you can get acquainted with the price policy of our cattery.
The price of a kitten depends on its type of ears, color and the purpose of its purchase.
The prices listed below include the standard package of documents for export from Ukraine.

These prices are valid from January 01, 2018 to February 28, 2018 and only on condition of joining our Waiting List.

If you want to buy a kitten WITHOUT breeding rights (NOT FOR BREEDING):
– Scottish Straight kitten of pointed colors (color-point or tabby-point) without breeding rights – $1500 USD
– Scottish Fold kitten of pointed colors (color-point or tabby-point colors) without breeding rights – $1750 USD

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Send My Waiting List Application

This application is designed to help us gather pertinent information from you as a potential owner of one of our kittens, as well as to better determine what kind of kitten would be best suited to you. Fill in the form below, click "Send" and receive a detailed reply from us within 24 hours.

You will receive a response from the box kittens@simba-iceberg.com, this is why we recommend that you now add this email address to your contacts list so as not to lose the letter from us (due to the large number of links in our detailed answers such a letter may be rejected as spam by some spam filters).

If you did not receive a response from us within 24 hours, please write us directly to kittens@simba-iceberg.com

Your personal data:

I want to buy a kitten with the following parameters:

Below we placed photos with different variations of our cats. They illustrate the variations of two parameters: the type of ears and the color. We hope that this will help you!
* Other parameters of a kitten (such as size of eyes, size of ears, degree of folded ears, breeding value and etc.) depend on kitten quality and the purpose of its buying. You can indicate all your requirements to a kitten in "Your message" field if you have. And we will take them into account!

Straight ears, blue point color

Straight ears, lilac point color

Folded ears, blue point color

Folded ears, lilac point color

Delivery (shipping) method:

Our cattery is located in Ukraine, but our graduates live all over the world: EU countries, USA, Japan.
We offer several options for delivery of our kittens. The delivery price depends on the destination.
For example, the shipping price to the USA (major international airports) is about 690 USD.
Learn more about shipping (delivery) (import rules of the USA, European Union countries, Japan, Canada and other countries, shipping price, etc.)
We do not ship our cats with private mediators-carriers.

Your budget for this deal:

Please indicate in the field below the amount that you are willing to pay for a kitten with the specified by you parameters and with the standard package of documents, including the cost of its delivery (shipping) to you.

At the stage of conclusion of the contract the owner of the cattery may request additional information about the buyer.
The correspondence is confidential and shall not be disclosed by either party.
Privacy policy. I agree.