Litter «G»: Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens

May 08, 2016

As we announced earlier, in the spring of 2016 we expected new Scottish kittens of color-point color in our cattery Simba Iceberg!

We are glad to announce that on April 05, 2016 were born two Scottish kitten: Scottish Straight girl and Scottish Fold boy.
More information about kittens:

  • Simba Iceberg Grant — Scottish Fold blue point boy.
    Cat-ball 🙂 Round head and no less large round blue eyes. Round whisker pads. He already has cheeks 🙂 A long flexible tail-carrot. Excellent small ears. Grant is very sweet and curious cat. He loves attention.

More photos of this Scottish Fold boy you can see on his personal page!

  • Simba Iceberg Grace — Scottish Fold blue point girl.
    Chubby baby 🙂 Round well-filled head, big round blue eyes. Plush wool. Long tail-carrot. Grace more independent than her brother Grant. Despite the fact that she recently turned 1 month, she is already actively participating in games with adult cats 🙂

More photos of this Scottish Straight girl you can see on her personal page!

From today kittens available for reservation.
At the moment of the move to the new owner every kitten will have a full set of documents: pedigree and registration documents, contract, international veterinary passport stamped on chipping, routine vaccination and deworming.

How to reserve Scottish kitten that I liked?

To buy Scottish kitten that you like, please contact us via the contact form on page «For Sale»
When you fill out the form, specify the name of the kitten that you like in the appropriate box.
During the official correspondence, we will discuss all the conditions of sale.

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