SimbaIceberg Grant

We call him Grant or Grantik at home 🙂

Sex: male (1.0)
Date of birth: April 05, 2016
Breed: Scottish Fold Shorthair (SFS)
Color: blue point (a 33)
Sire: Int.Ch. (WCF) Simba Iceberg (SCS a 33)
Dam: Cruel Morgana of Simba Iceberg (SFS a 33)

🇺🇦 Grant lives with us in Ukraine. Available for sale Reserved

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About Our Prince

Let me introduce our prince, the representative of the 3rd generation of our cattery - SimbaIceberg Grant!

This young gentleman is a graduate of the University of Noble Cats with honors. He was trained by the rector of this university - Professor, Doctor of Cat Sciences Simba Iceberg!

The life of Grant is not as bright and exciting as his sister's one, as he is studying all his time. He studies the basics of etiquette for cats and the rules of decent behavior at cat shows. He is making great progress! But sometimes he makes some mistakes and can not do anything without good motivation from the supervising professor Simba Iceberg.

Despite the educational process, Simba and Grant are the best friends! They love to sit together near an open window and actively discuss people who pass by, while enjoying the fresh air 🙂

This should also be noted, that closer to Grant's 1st bithday, he matured and turned into a real man-cat! Circles, circles... Grantik "consists" of continuous circles: the round muzzle with expressive round eyes and small ears, that, again, fit perfectly into the circle of the head 😉 A thick soft coat only emphasizes all the tenderness and sweetness of his character! Fluffy gentleman with perfect manners! And only powerful paws with sharp blade-like claws remind of his wild origin and status in the cat's hierarchy.

Active and playful
Likes to talk with people
Loves hugs
Cute level
testimonial - Scottish Straight blue point cat Simba Iceberg

My worthy heir!

testimonial - Scottish Fold lilac point cat Rosabel

Pretty boy! Wait... does he look like me?!

Made with love... for love 🙂

Health & Genetics

Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated with US and EU-certified vaccines (Bioveta Biofel PCH & Bioveta Biofel PCHR).

Parasite Free

Regular ecto- and endoparasitic treatment (Advocate, Advantage, Profender, Drontal - all made by Bayer)

Disease Free

FIV (immunodeficiency), FeLV (leukemia), PKD (polycystic kidney disease) negative parents.

Breeding Info

Genotype: aa B- dd ii L- cscs
Weight: 13,2 lb (6 kg)
Blood type:

Whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents!

Identification & Documents


Grant is chipped with ISO 11784/85 standard chip and registered in the largest European database.

Registered with TICA

Grant is officially registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).

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